What We Do

We offer remarkable experiences and custom travel packages to support nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. Our experiences are unparalleled in quality and customization and will be the highlight of any live, silent, or online auction. Any experience or VIP package can also be tailored for your company’s incentive travel.

All packages are no commitment, no risk guaranteed. The best way to explain: It’s free to use our services. Our primary focus is helping nonprofits raise more money. There are no sign-up fees, no usage fees, and a transaction with Giveback Sports doesn’t take place until the conclusion of the event and only for experiences that sell above their reserve minimum. If bidding doesn’t reach the minimum you set, then it costs your organization nothing. Your organization keeps 100% of the profits over the reserve price.

Experiences with Purpose

On top of providing high value experiences, we are dedicated to giving back. We donate a portion of our profits on every sale to send underserved youth to live sporting events. Through sports, we hope to give kids the chance to see their role models in action, fuel their passion for athletics, and bring a little more joy to their day. 

Our Founder’s Story

Sports have been a huge part of my life since I was a kid, and I truly believe they taught me much more than the game itself. Through sports, I learned how to win and how to lose. I learned how to be a leader and a teammate. They taught me about discipline, persistence and going after opportunities.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years, starting and running businesses in the travel industry. During a fly fishing trip to Belize with the founder of TOMS, I learned first-hand the importance of combining business with giving in order to make a greater impact in our communities. I became enamored with the idea of profit + purpose and that is the way I wanted to do business. That’s when Giveback Sports was born.





Scott Ruprecht
Founder & President